Everything You Need To Know About Instander v18.0 2024

About Instander

Hello Instagrammers! Are you all searching for a more enhanced Instagram experience? If yes, then you are at the most satisfactory place. A massive number of people utilize Insatnder to elevate their Instagram experience. Instander is the modified version of the Instagram app that offers you advanced features at no cost. But what about the latest version of Instander? In this comprehensive guide, we will analyze Everything You Need to Know About Instander v18.0. Let’s embark on your journey with us!

App NameInstander Premium Apk
VersionLatest Version
File Size63.54 MB
Required4.4 and up
Total Download100,00,0000
Last Update1 Hour Ago

What is Instander?

Instander is a modified version of the official Instagram app specially designed for Android devices. It furnishes you with many attributes and functionalities not present in the original Instagram application. The 18.0 is the beta version of Instander and provides advanced personalized options. However, it is not officially general on Google PlayStore and you ought to acquire it from an outward source.

How to Download Instander v18.0

The procedure of downloading Instander is straightforward. Here are the most common methods that people use to get Instander to boost their Instagram experience:

Download from the Official Website

It is considered a safe way to download Instander. The method of downloading from the official Instander website is as follows:

  • First of all, visit the official website instander.com and ensure you are getting the most secure and latest version.
  • Download the APK version and enable Unknown Sources in the security settings of your device. 
  • It permits you to install applications other than official App Stores.
  • Then install the Instander application on your device and observe the instructions.
  • Now, you are ready to boost your Instagram experience.

Pros and Cons of Instander

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Instander are as follows. However, Instander is mostly known by its pros:


  • It allows you to effortlessly download IGTV photos and videos. 
  • Not only permits you to download stories and reels but also lets you view stories anonymously.
  • Instander also lets you change themes and fonts to personalize your Instagram experience.
  • It gives more control over your data like hiding online status and typing indicators. It also permits you to hide read receipts and access advanced setting options.
  • If you want to enjoy greater transparency and trust then code is publically available for inspection in Instander.


  • Instander is not officially available on Google PlayStore.
  • Some attributes might not work flawlessly like direct messaging or group chats.
  • You may require technical knowledge to employ advanced attributes smoothly.

Everything You Need to Know About Instander v18.0 – Features

Interesting and advanced attributes of Instander that are not available in the original Instagram application are as follows:

Download Mania

The Instander v18.0 takes your download ability to the next level. It permits you to download every content from Instagram including IGTVs and reels. You can download your favorite content with distinct qualities from lower to higher ones according to your device. The most advanced thing is that you can even those IG stories that disappear after 24 hours. 

No Ads

If you tired of interrupted Instagram scrolling? If yes, then give it a try to Instander. It allows you to enjoy a distraction-free environment. It focuses on what truly matters and boosts your overall Instagram experience.

Follow You Button

This attribute is very helpful for you because through this attribute you know who is following you in your followers. Now, you can find a follow you button on every profile that follows you. 

Story Stealth

If you want to stalk the stories of people without wanting them to know? If yes, then you can do this in the Instander v18.0. It provides you the option of Story Viewer and allows you to browse through stories anonymously without appearing the username on the viewers’ list.


What is Instander?

It is a modified version of the official Instagram app and provides you the advanced features like downloads and privacy tweaks. Instander is specially designed for Android users.

Does Instander block ads?

Yes, it furnishes you with ad-free experience and permits you to work in an uninterrupted environment.

How do I install Instander?

Download the APK version of Instader from the official website and then enable Unknown Sources in your device security settings to install them on your device.

Can I view stories anonymously?

Yes, utilizing the Story Viewer option of Instander you can view stories anonymously without appearing your name in the viewer’s list.


In the above article, we examined Everything You Need to Know About Instander v18.0. If you desire to appreciate the premium qualities of Instagram without paying a single penny then Instander v18.0 is the finest option for you. It gives you progressive attributes like downloads and privacy tweaks and even permits you to work in an uninterrupted environment. The most satisfactory option for those who want to take their Instagram experience to the next level.

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