How to Fix Instander Crashing When Opening Comments 2024?

Instander is the famous Instagram mode known for its customization options and additional qualities like downloading content and reading receipts. It is utilized by millions of people globally due to its amazing functionalities and the ability to boost the Instagram experience. However, even the best app may encounter occasional hiccups and Insatnder is no exception. One extremely frustrating problem users experience is Instander crashing when attempting to open comments. But fear not fellow Instagrammers, if you are finding a possible solution to this issue then this guide will prove to be helpful for you. In this comprehensive guide, we provide the solution to the query How to Fix Instander Crashing When Opening Comments? Let’s start!

Why Instander Crashes When Opening Comments?

Let’s examine the possible offenders behind the comment crashing of Instander before diving into fixes:

Outdated Instander Version: Utilizing an outdated version of Instander can cause compatibility problems with the interior bugs or servers of Instagram that have not been handled.

Corrupted Installation: An unfinished download or corrupted installation file can lead Instander to malfunction particularly when trying to access attributes like comments.

Conflicting Apps/Mods: Sometimes other mods or apps running on your devices might hamper the function of Instander and cause crashing when resource-intensive tasks like opening comments are tried.

Instagram API Changes: The standard Instagram application has continually updated its API and if the Instander app has not been revised to these changes it can cause smashes when interacting with comment sections.

Device Compatibility Issues: Instander generally supports a large number of devices but specific software or hardware formats might not be fully consistent and cause crashing. So first understand device compatibility and then utilize Instander.

Troubleshooting Tips for Tech-Savvy Users

Here are some progressive troubleshooting possibilities for those who are satisfied with technical keys:

Use a VPN: Some users notify victory in fixing the smash by utilizing a VPN. This might be due to temporary server issues or geo-restrictions. However, utilize a reputable VPN service and be cautious with online content through a VPN.

Install a Different Instander Variant: There are several variants of Instander exits. Each with slightly distinct functionalities and attributes. To see if the comment crash persists try installing a distinct variant.

How to Fix Instander Crashing When Opening Comments? – Troubleshooting Techniques

After understanding the potential causes of Instander crashing let’s explore the solutions to handle the comment crash:

Update Instander

Generally, a simple update can resolve many issues. So first try updating Instander to the latest version because the developer continuously ensures compatibility and addresses bugs with the latest Instagram updates. Visit the trusted source to install the latest version and necessarily uninstall the older version before installing the new one.

Disable Conflicting Apps/Mods

Sometimes other apps running on your device conflict with Instander. So, close other apps or mods and restart your device. Try opening the comment section again. Try uninstalling or disabling potential culprits one by one to identify the problematic app if the crash persists.

Clear App Data and Cache

Sometimes cache data becomes corrupted and causes app malfunctions. Cashe is the temporary memory of your app so clear it to resolve the issues when necessary.

Check for Instander Updates

Sometimes the problem might lie with Instagram itself. So it is necessary to ensure that you are running the latest version of the standard Instagram application because outdated versions can lead to compatibility matters with mods like Instander APK.

Report the Issue

Reporting the issue to the Instander developers if none of the above solutions work. Supplies details about your device and Instander version so that developers easily identify and address issues for future updates.


How can I update Instander to the new version?

First, uninstall the older version of Instander and get the new one from a reliable source that values your privacy.

What if updating does not fix the crash?

Then try reinstalling Instander to remove corruption or fresh files. It is essential to take a backup before reinstalling the application.

Can I try a different Instander variant?

Absolutely! Different variants of Instander exist with slightly different attributes and functionalities. To see if the crash persists try another variant of Instander.

Should I use a VPN to fix the crash?

Some users register success with a VPN service but choose an admirable one and be cautious with online content via a VPN.


How to Fix Instander Crashing When Opening Comments? In the above guide, we provide solutions to this problem. Instander is a widely recognized app and its occasional hiccups may confuse some users. But through the above troubleshooting process, you can resolve all the issues and again open the ways of boosting your Instagram experience. If you experience another issue then feel free to ask us in the comment section. We try our best to provide the possible solution to Insatnder issues.

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