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Instander APK

In this Era, Social media platforms play a vital role in connecting individuals from all over the World. All social media applications are popular but Instagram has a unique space in the world of social media applications and has a huge community of audience. A passionate community of Developers developed a lot of mods of Instagram but the most famous and trending mod of Instagram is Instander APK and its unique exciting features like enhancement features, anonymously view content, customization options and many more make it apart from its mainstream applications.

Features of Instander APK


Download And save Pictures and Videos:

In Instander Apk users can easily download and save any of the video into their phone’s gallery. You can download and save your favorite video or picture by clicking on the download button available on the screen. This is a mind-blowing and very useful feature of Instander Apk Download.


Instander Settings:

In Instander Apk there is a facility where users can easily customize their story settings. You can make your story show you some of your close friends. You can hide your story from certain people whom you don’t want to show. You can show your favorite people your story and your other followers can not watch that story. This is the most fantastic and unique feature of Instander Apk.


Ghost Mode:

In Instander Apk there is a ghost mode available. users can easily do certain changes and feel the amazing experience of this mod version. You can hide your typing so that other users will never know that you are typing a message in their DMS. Another fabulous feature of Instander Apk is that you can hide your active status. In this way, other people will never know whether you are online or offline. The most amazing feature of them all is that you can read any message in your DM and the sender will not realize that you read it in the first place.

Due to the clean and uncluttered layout of the Instander App, its users can quickly and easily grasp its all functionalities. Those users who have already acquainted with official Instagram can easily use Instander Apk Download because its interface looks and feel familiar with the interface of official Instagram. This updated mod version of Instagram also allows its users to customize their accounts like customizing the themes, colors, layout, and many more. Instander Apk uses impulsive Icons and controls that are easy to understand for all its users. When you are using Download Instander Apk, you can save images, reels, and videos directly to your cell phone and even can save media from Insta conversation. The spy feature is also available in Instander APP and the function of this feature is that users can view stories and read messages of a sender without letting them know. Instander Apk Download has an inbuilt indicator and due to this feature, its users can keep a record of lists of who follow or unfollow them. In official Instagram users can not view the profile image of private accounts but users of Download Instander Apk can view the profile photo of any private account in full size.

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New Extra Features of Instander Apk 2024

Stunning Customizations:

In Instander Apk many customizations make the application worth downloading. You can watch stories of any account in full-screen. If users have to open the link then you can open these links in the app browser. This browser is very fast and quick. You can hide posts and crop stories and you can disable the save data mode. These are very impressive and mind-blowing features of the Instander App.

Save Anything in Archive:

The most demanding feature of InstaPro Apk is its archive facility. In  Instander Apk Download you can save any picture or video to archive. If you do have not enough space in your mobile phone to download and save videos to your phone’s gallery then this mod version allows you to paste your favorite videos and photos to archive. You can watch them anytime you want. This is best for security purposes because only you can watch them. Users of the Download  Instander App can also save live videos in their archive section for 30 days. Also, its users can archive any story and can watch them anytime they want.

Unbelievable Gestures Available:

The gestures are really important for any application. These gestures give an amazing look to the application. There are many gestures available in Instander Apk. You can swipe left or right to navigate between pages, users of Instander can also zoom on any photos by long tapping. Another amazing feature is that you can like any photo by just double tapping. You can disable any of the gestures you want.

Automatic Replies to Messages:

In Instander APK there is an amazing facility for the users that they can make their application to reply automatically. This is a fabulous feature because you don’t need to waste your time in responding to all the messages you just need to set a specific message and Download Instander Apk will send that message to the sender. This is a time-saving and facilitative feature of the Instander App.

Discover New trends and people:

In Instander Apk there is a facility where you can be in touch with the whole world. You watch trends and also can copy them. Users of Instander can be in touch with the latest news surrounding it all over the world. You can also discover new people and can follow them. You can communicate with other people and can learn many things from new people.

Appreciate to Get Verified Badge:

In Instander Apk there is a facility where you can get a verified badge with a few easy steps. Users just need to appreciate the developers of this application. It is a donation that you give them appreciation and well wishes for this application. You just need to comment using the username of your account and you need to send them a transaction screenshot as the email provided. Then you just need to wait for the badge.

Completely Free From Ads:

Internet users very well know that ads are frustrating while using any application but in Instander APK users don’t face a single ad while using it. If Instagram users want to get rid of these irritating ads then Instander is the best solution for them. This is a very fast and stunning application with free from time-wasting ads.

Enhanced Story Downloading and Viewing

Stories are an important aspect of the Instagram engagement. Instander 18 Beta improves the story experience by introducing several popular attributes:

Bulk Downloading:

It allows you to choose and download multiple videos simultaneously because those days are gone when people manually download individual stories. This attribute of Intander saves you valuable time and effort.

Automatic Downloading:

Enjoys the opportunity of enabling automatic downloading and Instander 18 beta will handle it all. A feature for silently capturing stories as they appear on your feed. 

Unseen Viewing:

If you desire to peak at stories without alerting the creator then utilize the modified version of Instagram because Instander APK Download 18 Beta Brings Major Changes to this feature.

Advanced Download Options 

Instander 18 Beta is not just about stories but it meets all your downloading needs. Some of its unique downloading features are as follows:

Download Original Quality Photos and Videos:

If you are tired of compressed content then give this beta version a try. It permits you to download your favored photos and videos in original quality without utilizing any compressor or external source. 

Downloading Multiple Posts Simultaneously:

Multitasking is considered the key in the digital age. Instander 18 Beta permits you to download various posts simultaneously without wasting time and effort and preserving every detail for offline enjoyment.

Story Highlights Downloading:

Instander 18 Beta also entitles you to download entire story highlights. Instander preserves your carefully crafted collections for future reference.

Fine Privacy Control 

Privacy is the most important thing in the modern world. Instander 18 beta furnishes you with enhanced control over the Instagram experience:

Read Receipts:

Instander 18 eliminates the anxiety of users about whether someone saw their messages because it authorizes them to disable read receipts. It enables you to work in peace without revealing your online presence. 

Typing Indicator:

If you want to prevent others from knowing when you are crafting a reply then you can do this in the Instander. It permits you to hide your typing Indicator and add a touch of secret to your communication.

Status Visibility:

Now, you can control your online status with Instander 18. Makes you hidden from others even when you are vigorously scanning your feed.


1:Is Instander Apk is a safe Mod of Instagram?

Yes, Instander Mod Apk is a 100% safe and secure mode of Instagram due to its security features.

2:Can Users of Instander Apk save images and videos in Archive?
3:Does Instander App has an Anti-ban Feature?
4:Does Instander Apk have a Ghost mode?

key features of Instander Apk

  • The facility of Ghost mode  in which you can hide typing and active status
  • Make your story private
  • Save reels and pictures on your mobile phone
  • The facility of gestures available
  • Customize your application
  • Get a verified Badge in a few easy steps
  • Get to know new people and trends
  • The facility of the archive to save anything in private
  • Get rid of annoying ads
  •  Customize your application for auto-reply

Instander New Version 2024

Instander 18 Beta Brings Major Changes

Hello Instagrammers! Instagram remains a dominant force in the constantly evolving landscape of social media. Instagram grasps billions of monthly vibrant users and shapes online tendencies. However, the original app often plunges short of catering to the different desires and needs of its user base. This is why, a modified version of Instagram comes forward named Instander. It presents a modified experience with additional functionalities and attributes. But Instander 18 Beta Brings Major Changes to the standard Instander. It is the recent release of Instagram promises significant enhancements and changes. This article delves into detail attributes and important aspects of this beta version of Instagram.

What is Instander 18 Beta?

It is the modified version of the official Instagram and is specially designed to deliver additional functionalities and qualities that are not present in the standard app. It allows you to download numerous stories at once and automatically download the latest stories even viewing them unseen. Instander 18 Beta permits you to download photos and videos of their original quality. It contains an intuitive interface and authorizes you to customize it with different themes and fonts to add a unique touch. However, you need to get it from an external source because it is not officially available on Google PlayStore.

Instander 18 Beta Brings Major Changes – UI/UX Tweaks and Personalization

Instander 18 is not just about functionality but it also polishes the user experience:

Theme Engine:

Allows you to express yourself in a huge variety of customizable themes. It supplies a plethora of theme options and enables you to personalize your Instagram interface according to your preferences.

Font Customizations:

If you are tired of the default font of Instagram then give a chance to Instander 18. It permits you to experiment with distinct fonts and adds a unique touch to your Instagram experience.

Additional Layout Options:

It introduces new layout options for your feed to enable you to design your content in a way that suits your visual style.

Safety and Security:

Although it is a third-party app it maintains user security:

Regular Updates:

The Instander Official team frequently releases updates to address bugs and implement security improvements. It is necessary to download Instander 18 Beta from a trustworthy source to ensure a safe and amazing experience.

App Requirments:

  • Your phone must be Android and you have to use the Android version above than 17
  • The size of the application is 54mbs, so your phone must have a space of 60mbs or above.

How to use this app?

  1. After installing the application into your mobile phone you just need to log in to your account.
  2. You can log in to your previous account or can create a new account with the help of a phone number or email.
  3. After login, you can adjust all the settings you like on your profile page.
  4. There is a facility of ghost mode for a better experience for users.
  5. You can enjoy the features of customization, ghost mode, and many more.

Final Words

Instander 18 Beta Brings Major Changes in the field of Instagram. It boosts your Instagram experience with its advanced attributes like bulk downloading and unseen viewing. You can call it the free version of Instagram Pro because it gives you almost all the features of the premium version for free. If you also want to boost your Instagram experience then give Instander 18 Beta a try! Instander Apk is the most advanced mod version of Instagram which is developed by a passionate community of Developers, its unique exciting features like enhancement features, anonymously viewing content, customization options, and many more make it apart from its mainstream applications. In this mod version users never face any restrictions or limitations while using this application. Due to the Anti-ban feature of Instander Mod Apk user’s accounts are never ban also always works properly with all its stunning features. I am using Instander Mod Apk and its all features are eye-catching. If you also want to use Instander App then you can easily download it from our website because the downloading link of the Instander Apk is given in this Article.