How to Turn on Ghost Mode in Instander?

The need for obscurity and privacy often conflicts with the desire to connect and share in the dynamic terrain of social media. Similarly, many Instagram users wish to be a secret agent while utilizing the app. This is one of the reasons for the immense popularity of tools that offer advanced features like Instander. It is a third-party Instagram application that presents a treasure trove of hidden attributes like Ghost Mode. Unlike the regular features of Instander, Ghost Mode is creating a lot of buzz these days and is entirely on a different level. That is why people often ask the question How to Turn on Ghost Mode in Instander? It is not offered by the original Instagram application. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore every aspect of Ghost Mode.

Benefits of Ghost Mode in Instander

This feature enables you to appear as a Ghost on Instagram and check things out without anyone knowing you are there. This term can encompass distinct functionalities depending on the context. Mainly it is like putting on an invisible cloak while you utilize the application. 

This attribute permits you to boost your Instagram experience by letting you do things secretly. You can watch stories and read messages, even join live streams with Ghost Mode without leaving any signs behind. Some of its amazing qualities are as follows:

Activity Stealth

This attribute conceals your online presence from other users and eliminates the need for pesky typing X and notifications. Now, you can observe posts and stories without revealing your digital footprint with Instander.

Read Receipts Control

If you want to browse direct messages without triggering blue ticks. If yes, then come in the Ghost Mode of Instander. It permits you to read messages and gives you the utmost power of a particular arrangement. 

Status Freeze

You can also do the amazing thing of locking your online status as online or typing even when you are offline which constructs an illusion of endless activity.

Story Download Anonymity

You can silently admire the content of other individuals without leaving a trace and download multiple stories without notifying the creator.

Live View Invisibility

It allows you to observe the digital spectacle incognito by watching live streams without alerting the broadcaster. 

Automatic Story Viewer

You can also ensure that you are always active with the Automatic Story Viewer attribute of the Instander. It permits you to set Instander to automatically view stories as soon as they are posted.

Download Options Galore

It enables you to download photos and videos in different formats and resolutions to create your archive of Instagram.

Theme Playground

Uncover your inner designer with Instander because it shows you a plethora of customizable themes and permits you to personalize your Instagram experience.

How to Turn on Ghost Mode in Instander?- Ultimate Guide

While Instander itself is not officially available on Google Play Store or any other App Store so first it gets from a trusted source or the official Instander website then pay heed to the following steps to activate your inner Ghost:

  • Launch the Instander app and navigate to your profile. 
  • Select Settings by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of Intander.
  • Locate the Privacy section by scrolling down.
  • Enable the Hide Activity Status option under the Story Privacy and this hides your online presence while viewing stories.
  • Head to the Chat Settings within Privacy for direct messages.
  • You can also enable the Disable Read Receipts option to savor those juicy messages incognito.
  • Now, you are ready to relish the Ghost Mode.
  • If you want to go back to the normal settings then just turn off the attributes you toggled on.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I download Stories anonymously with Ghost mode?

Absolutely! The Instander allows you to obtain stories without notifying the creator.

Is Ghost Mode available for all Instagram interactions?

It primarily focuses on boosting the privacy of your interactions ranging from messages and typing indicators to story viewers and live streams.

Is it possible to turn Ghost Mode on and off at any time?

Yes, it completely depends on you. When you want to be more private turn it on and turn it off when you are ready to interact openly, the Ghost Mode is under your control.

Can I choose who sees my activity?

Absolutely Yes! Instander permits you to set specific users as invisible while visible to others.


In the above article, we analyzed the answer to this query in detail How to Turn on Ghost Mode in Instander? It is like having your secret way of utilizing Instagram. Ghost Mode offers powerful invisibility features like read receipts and hidden online presence. Imagine downloading stories without having a trace and reading DMs without those dreaded blue ticks, all with the Ghost Mode of Instander.

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