Instander Premium Apk Free Download (unlock subscription 2024)

Instander Apk

One of the most widely used social networking apps is Instagram. Nearly everybody has an Instagram account. As a result, there are a ton of apps related to Instagram on the internet. Instander is one of them. You can download the official Instander application, also known as Instander Apk, for free and without having to pay anything online. In comparison to the official Instagram, it provides a plethora of incredible possibilities that make for a more engaging experience. The official Instagram app must be uninstalled to use this Apk version, though, as they cannot be used together.

App NameInstander Premium Apk
VersionLatest Version
File Size63.54 MB
Required4.4 and up
Total Download100,00,0000
Last Update1 Hour Ago

Millions of users are satisfied with the Instander Apk. These users believe that Instander is faster than Instagram in addition to having amazing features. It provides a ghost mode with several capabilities, such as the ability to watch other people’s stories covertly erase your typing status, and read messages. Moreover, it offers you an ad-free atmosphere, which is uncommon in the Apk version. You can download posts and engage in all Instagram activities with increased security. By keeping all of your activity hidden from other users, this application gives you privacy.   

Instander Premium Apk

The Instander Mod Apk is a mod version of the program that can be downloaded from the internet. This is the Instagram application that has been altered. It provides all of Instagram’s and Instander’ s apk’s features—including the paid tools—for free. In the mod version, every premium tool that requires in-app purchases is available for free. It is available for download on our website.

Because it is a modified version, it provides extra features like Instagram compatibility that aren’t found in the Instander Premium Apk. Furthermore, the application is entirely free of interruptions from advertisements. Both Apk and mod Apk come with a similar user interface. Among many other things, you can download posts, watch IGTV videos, and activate ghost mode. Better-quality images and videos can be posted with eye-catching filters and effects. because it offers an extensive number of lovely effects and filters above the regular Instagram filters.

Outstanding Features of Instander Premium Apk

Download your Favorite Content

Sometimes, we come across various intriguing pictures or movies that capture our attention. However, as Instagram missing this feature, we are unable to download them. However, we can download any piece of content that we want due to Instander.

Free of Advertisement

One major benefit of any kind of app is the absence of advertisements. Because advertisements disrupt the user, their workflow is interrupted. And Instander offers this wonderful function. We can now interact with our family and friends without being interrupted by advertisements.

Download the IGTV

The most entertaining feature on Instagram is IGTV. You can view the newest and most popular educational or entertaining videos there. However, you are unable to download an IGTV video on Instagram. As a result, the Instander gives you the option to download the IGTV movies.

View Story can be Hide

You must download the Instander app if you want to see someone’s story without telling them. Since it removes your view from the list of users’ story views.

Effects and Filters

Instander provides a wide variety of incredibly stunning camera effects and filters. You can capture and share your images with these lovely filters. More people will like and comment on your posts.

Hide typing status

The ability to hide your message typing and message seen status is probably its best feature. Your friends and family will start to question your behaviors as a result. And they’ll start to wonder how you achieved it.

Improved Quality

With the frequent updates the quality of Instander is better than that of standard Instagram. You can watch reels, IGTV, posts, read other people’s stories, add your own stories, and upload higher-quality images and videos.

Friendly User Interface

Instander Mod Apk user interface is simple to understand. Every feature is simple to use. For example, all it takes to download a post is to click the three dots, choose Extra Options, and then click to Download.

Archive the Post

Sometimes, you want to save a certain Instagram picture, video, or story but your phone’s storage is practically full. You can use Instander Apk “save posts to archive” option for this. Furthermore, live streaming can be archived for 30 days. And only you have access to them for privacy.


In comparison to Instagram, Instander offers more privacy features, with numerous ways to hide your activity. Furthermore, you can choose which individuals you want to keep your reels, pictures, and stories hidden from. Instander will also hide it from them.

Premium Tools are Free

The Apk version has a premium part that requires actual money to unlock to use its features. The most remarkable services offered by Instander are included in this area. The mod Apk version offers all the premium tools unlocked right away because many users dislike in-app purchases.

All Feature

The versions of the Apk and mod Apk are nearly identical. The updated version has all the features included in the Apk version, including downloading choices, pop-up ad-free experience, camera effects, ghost mode, and improved resolution.


The main difference between the official and modified versions is that while you can use Instagram and the Instander premium Apk together, you cannot use the original version of the app with Instagram.

Modified Features of Instander Premium Apk

  • Every Feature is unlocked
  • Everything can be download
  • Virus-Free
  • All Bugs are fixed

How to Download the Instander Premium Apk in android?

  • To download the Instander Premium Apk on your android phone follow the instructions;
  • Download “Instander APK” from our website.
  • On your Android phone, go to Settings and enable Third-Party App Installers.
  • Install the downloaded Apk onto your Android apparatus.
  • Let it finish installing on your Android device.
  • To enjoy Instander, open the app.


How do I get premium Instander tools without having to purchase them?

The Instander mod Apk version is available for download. All of the premium tools are available for free.

Is Instander Premium Apk is secure to use?

Yes, it is 100% secure to use because it is virus free.

Final Words

Since Instander App is a modified version of the Instagram app, it has many amazing features and options that Instagram does not give. All it takes to take advantage of these amazing features is to download Instander. Downloading Instander is worthwhile because it is superior to other apps related to Instagram. It is simple to use and download at no cost. This is an amazing application that you should try. Its frequent updates ensure that you won’t get bored.

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